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et along with the most sophisticated, cost-effective and accurate medical transcription service in Bangladesh through GreenTech Solutions. At GreenTech, we thrive for utter client satisfaction. Accurate, timely medical transcriptions are vital for your clinical documentation. Whether or not you’re in an acute care atmosphere or ambulant practice, outsourcing to import medical transcription service can enhance the wave of patient narratives through your company. We’re committed to improving our service quality, minimizing turnaround, and rushing up revenue cycles. Most significantly, outsourcing to us can liberate your department to concentrate on alternative priorities. We are here to become the most prominent medical transcription service provider in Bangladesh with the top-notch loyalty of worldwide industry.

Medical Transcription Service

Features of Our

An eye on results

Each draft report touched by GreenTech Solutions has elaborated tracking and logging info to make sure that it is completely based on the contractual TAT (turnaround time). You’ll get monthly reports consistently on TAT, quality, and open things.

Quality control to judge

Our simultaneous quality control and retrospective quality compliance audits are designed to offer you full transparency on the delivered services.

A team you'll be able to trust

From implementation to the day-after-day management of your account, you’ll have a fervent team at your service. They’re forever on the market by phone and can make sure that your price, quality, and TAT expectations are systematically met.

Promising Information protection

Your patient information is safe in our hands. Our data centers are organized with a redundant, fault-tolerant infrastructure thus you mostly have the secure access you would like. additionally, we have a strict and rigorous HIPAA education and social control program in place.

Benefits We’re the flexible kind

Before we transcribe one word, we tend to assign an avid team to your organization. we get to understand your physicians and the way you use. That way, we will adapt our service to suit your distinctive advancement and address any challenge—like a sharp amendment in advancement or an upswing in utilized physicians.

Speedy & correct

Because your dictations are processed through our industry-leading speech recognition software system, we’re able to minimize human error and shorten turnaround from days to hours. Our experienced medical transcriptionists review and edit for ensuring the sheer accuracy of data. And to triple check, we tend to use a severally audited Quality Assurance (QA) method to look at over 2 billion lines annually.