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Computer Accessories Supplier in Bangladesh

Genuine Computer Accessories Supplier in Bangladesh

G reenTech Solutions renders a huge variety of acknowledged international manufacturers and suppliers for a range of computer accessories since its journey. From the very starting our slogan has been “Client First”! For the standard service, our client service department has earned the satisfaction and trust of our revered customers. Our department of marketing, comprising of extremely educated and veteran professionals with exposure reception and abroad, has been given needed coaching to be ready to communicate with our customers properly and be sensitive to their wants.

Our objective is to form a friendly, heat atmosphere for you, that would let you decide on and get your computers in step with your individual tastes and necessities. GreenTech Solutions has a convenient engineering department for generating innovative ideas, developing quality product and become one of the top brands of computer accessories supplier in Bangladesh.

Being the most promising computer accessories supplier in Bangladesh, GreenTech Solutions is coherently dealing with networking and hardware products in Bangladesh. We are one of the authorized distributor of different renowned ICT Brands like Acer, Actatek, Adobe, AMD, Apple, Autodesk, Avira, AvTech, Cisco, Corsair, Dell, Delux, Emerson, Fortinet, Gigabyte, HP Inc., Intel, Kgaurd, Kingston, Kstar, Lenovo, Liteon, Matrix, Microsoft, Netis, Oracle, Patriot, PNY, Polycom, Power Pac, Real Media, Redhat, Ricoh, Samsung, , Smart Pc, Targus, Toshiba, Tyco, Taztag, Twin MOs, Techik, Thecus, Team Viewer, Vivanco, VimTag, VMware, Western Digital, Woosim, X-Treme, XFace, Yealink, etc.

Why Choose us?

• We are here to stay with long-run commitments by offering top class innovation, leadership and return through performance.
• With effective customer service department and a valued principal, “We listen to care”, GreenTech Solutions offers personal attention to its client.
• In industry and among the customers as well, we have reputation for being prompt in nature and putting effective action where needed.
• We offer a pretty warm and friendly environment for each of our customers. So that they can make a purchase decision without feeling stressed.
• Loyalty, satisfaction and quality, that’s all we believe in. Our logistic support includes repair maintenance facilities such as prompt troubleshooting and extends external flow of support, etc.